Utah Man Drives to Colorado for Powerball Tickets, Legal Marijuana, Cleaner Air, Better-Funded Public Schools, Higher Minimum Wage, Expanded Medicaid, Overall Better Quality of Life

Places in Colorado such as Telluride (shown above) offer breathtaking vistas, rich culture, and Powerball tickets.

Places in Colorado such as Telluride (shown above) offer breathtaking vistas, enticing culture, relatively progressive social and economic policies, and Powerball tickets.

MACK, COLO. — A Utah man hoping to cash in on a record $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot drove across the state border into Colorado Wednesday afternoon, scoring half a dozen lottery tickets, some edible marijuana products, a brochure on healthcare options for low-income residents, and other goodies not available in the Beehive State.

Byron Powell, a 24-year-old janitor from Price, made the four-hour roundtrip drive to Mack, Colo., for the second time in a one-week span. Despite missing out on the $900 million Powerball jackpot last weekend, Powell was still able to enjoy proactive regulations limiting industrial sources of air pollution and access to popular sports franchises in every major American sport.

“It’s actually not bad here,” Powell said while in line at a privately-owned and operated liquor store. “The minimum wage in this state is more than I make per hour in Utah. Plus they sell Powerball tickets here.”

Later Wednesday night, Powell confirmed that he didn’t win the Powerball jackpot. But he commented that it was nice to visit a state where information about contraception is a mandatory part of sex education curriculums.


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