Utah Lawmaker Lauds Brown Family for Diversity


Top: A model family for varied diversity in gender roles. Bottom left: Notable gender diversity advocate and Utah state Rep. Kraig Powell.

SALT LAKE CITY — Facing heat for his proposal to give preferential treatment to opposite-gender parents in adoption cases, a Utah lawmaker is now pointing to a famous gender-diverse family as the ideal model for diverse gender roles.

Rep. Kraig Powell of Heber City is the sponsor of a bill that promotes gender-diverse couples seeking to adopt children. The Republican legislator argues that such a union would offer children role models with varied gender roles.

As an example, Powell cited the Brown family from the hit TLC reality show “Sister Wives.” The Brown family parental unit consists of one male and four females.

“A child would be so lucky to have such a wide array of role models from varying positions of the gender spectrum.” Powell said.

Historically, Utah is known for its tradition of gender-diverse marriages. However, as a result of a decades-long, systematic deterioration of religious liberty, marriages with vastly diverse gender roles are significantly less common than in the past.

Powell later added that he was openly considering including more gender diversity in his own marriage.


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